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American movies set in Japan?

Does anyone know of any American/English movies that are set in Tokyo? i.e. "Lost in Translation."American movies set in Japan?fast an the furious 3, aka, the worst movie ever, and the grudge, i thinkAmerican movies set in Japan?you can go to imdb.com and type in Tokyo in the keyword space and it will bring up any movie that has to do with itAmerican movies set in Japan?the last samuraiAmerican movies set in Japan?
Shogun is a good one.

Black Rain is another.

Some of Babel is in Tokyo.

Asian/ American movies comparison?

OK so there's been a couple of asian movies that has been remade into american (version) movies. For anyone who has seen both - which one do you think is better? the asian version or american version? and why?

Ringu - The Ring

Ringu 2 - The Ring 2

Ju-On - The Grudge

Gin gwai - The Eye

Honogurai mizu no soko kara - Dark Water

Shutter (Thai version) - Shutter (American version) - releasing March 21, 2008.

Infernal Affairs - The Departed

Il Mare - The Lake House

Nankyoku Monogatari (South Pole Story) - Eight Below or Antarctica

Let me know what you think! Thanks.Asian/ American movies comparison?I almost always enjoy the Asian ver. more than the American ver. but I may be biased since I'm Japanese. %26gt;%26lt;

Ringu was one of the scariest J horror movies, although the remake was good, the Japanese version was so original.

I preferred Ju-On over The Grudge b/c it wasn't just about making you jump (like the American ver.) but I felt it went deeper.

I never really like The Eye (either ver.) but I thought there were some truly silly parts in the American ver. ; people were actually laughing in the theatre.

Shutter may be the scariest movie I've ever seen. It had everything. It was terrifying, but also heart wrenching. I doubt the American ver. can live up to it, but we'll see.

And lastly, the Korean ver of Il Mare was beautiful... maybe b/c Ji-hyeon Jeon (from My Sassy Girl) is amazing haha. Keanu Reeves is a little annoying to me %26gt;%26lt;Asian/ American movies comparison?I don't like the American versions. They are bland and watered down.

The worst American remake has to be "Shall We Dance" with J-Lo and Richard Gere who had as much chemistry as flat soda and stale bread.

They totally removed to societal dynamics in the Asian version so it was like... wow... he's an uptight business guy and he dances at night... like we don't dance here in the U.S.!Asian/ American movies comparison?---%26gt;Shutter (Thai verision vs. American Version)%26lt;---

my friend said she watched the american version of shutter...it was dull..i saw the preview and it seemed gay and dumb......i heard from other people as well that the thai version is better.......i recommend the thai verision.....it is so much better and scarier tha american remake

---%26gt;One Missed Call (jap. verision vs Am. version)%26lt;---

one of my other friend also went to watch one missed call......said that the ghost or monster was gay.....it wasn't even scary she was laughing throughout the whole movie at theaters with her brother.......i have the original one......i'm pretty sure that i nevered finished it.........let me guess thurs gonna be one missed called two and final......please if anyone is gonna watch the american one.......go to crunchyroll.com (need to be a member) and watch it thur....it is so much scarier than the american version....

City names followed by country names in American movies - why?

Why is it that Hollywood movies always have to follow a city name by the country in which it is located (i.e. 'Rome, Italy' or 'Prague, Czech Republic')? Do they honestly think people don't know that London is in England or Berlin is in Germany? I notice American city names are never followed by 'United States'. I do find it a little patronising.City names followed by country names in American movies - why?Well, there's a London, Tennessee and many 'other' towns named London in America. There's also many 'Romes' in the U.S., such as Rome, GA. Americans don't put 'United States' because WE ARE FROM THE UNITED STATES, so it' s implied that any city, unless otherwise stated, is a U.S. city. Get it? :-)

I'll also bet that if a news station in Rome, Italy was doing a story about something happening in Rome, Georgia, I bet the Italians would say Rome, Georgia, USA! Just depends on where you live.City names followed by country names in American movies - why?
You know, I never noticed that they do that.

I think it's because for some of those, we are stupid and don't know. Where on earth is Samarkand? I had to look that one up.City names followed by country names in American movies - why?In the US, many names are duplicated, so they need clarifiction.

Also, in the US (and Australia) many names are duplicated from European places, which often got their names from geographical or historical contexts.

It may have happened because settlers wanted to remind themselves of where they came from originally. Unfortunately it means that many place names do not have the same significance as they do in Europe.

Bear in mind that most US citizens haven't a clue about europe. I was asked "which part of Germany is England in?"City names followed by country names in American movies - why?
in movies, american cities are not followed by "United States" but are usually followed by the name of the state, i.e. Phoenix, ArizonaCity names followed by country names in American movies - why?There are cities in the United States that are the same as in other countries. For example, there is a Paris, Texas-- therefore they need to clarify for those who (unfortunately) could not figure out the difference on their own. The cities located within the US have their state listed after it (i.e. Chicago, IL)City names followed by country names in American movies - why?
In America, most of the places were named by people coming in. So over the years there appeared loads of places with the name name as lots of other places around the world. There are places called Paris, Cambridge, Plymouth and on and on. So if you say, for instance "Paris" to an American, it is quite possible that there will be a place of that name not far away. So he might say "oh yeah, I was there twice last week!" But then the retort would come back, "No, not the one in Texas (or wherever), Paris, France!" So they have to do that now and again.

Get a good map of America, and you will see. Good luck, and a happy new year!

Why many American movies just include White actors as if Whites just lived in a white world?

Have you guys noticed this? Well, maybe the other people don't have time or money to get into acting so that may be one of the reason.

But many of the Hollywood movies( chick flicks or kind of like about teenagers or like the wedding planner etc)..It's so funny, like everyone is white even all the neighbors and people around.

They sometimes include a few black and asians or more recently indian americans but. i see mostly white.

I do understand that in reality, Some group of white people do prefer to hang out with their own kind.. LIke also latinos hang out with their own But the way the movies make all the surrounding people white, the extras white etc.. That's weird.

No wonder foreign countries that watch American movies think all American people are white.Why many American movies just include White actors as if Whites just lived in a white world?i've noticed too, in my opinion we do live in a white world, but there are some other different kinds of people who are trying to squeeze out of that. the Celebrity world IS dominated by whites. the only time i see a black person in a movie is it has to do with some stereotype movie like dealing with drugs, going to jail, gangsters, or just simply needing somebody to die in a movie.

its getting old, i would like to see a mixture of people in a movie for ONCE!Why many American movies just include White actors as if Whites just lived in a white world?
If there's a police chief or a high school principal or a lawyer or a mayor they're always black.Why many American movies just include White actors as if Whites just lived in a white world?yh i have actully and i was wondering y thank you for explaning this
that is interesting, i never noticed.Why many American movies just include White actors as if Whites just lived in a white world?yeah, i ask that question every day when i'm watching t.v.! it's like no other race exist........... NO MATTER HOW MUCH AMERICA TRIES TO CONVINCE US THAT THINGS HAVE CHANGE, IN REALITY LITTLE HAS CHANGE! RACE WILL ALWAYS BE AN ISSUE! SAD BUT TRUEWhy many American movies just include White actors as if Whites just lived in a white world?
No were not that stupid overseas, we all laughed for weeks even our news anchors couldn't read the story when the USA, announced the American Creation Museum.

Especially when we only seen white mannequins of biblical characters used. We wondered what the hell did they put in the water that week over there in the States , lol, this must be just another only in America thing.
Well maybe it's not absolutely necessary for them to include every color on the rainbow and the mentally challenged person and the person with AIDS and the wheelchair and...

You get my point. If you had your way, there would be probably end up being a standard in the media for how many of what kind of people are where. I really wish we could just see people as people and keep the movies realistic when it comes to diversity. If a movie is unrealistic in that it has all white or all non-white cast, though, that's fine too. It's better than having a fully diverse film about the KKK. I say let the film makers make their damn movie without Michael Moore or other hard-left wingers shooting up their asses about it.

I think people are too sensitive about this stuff. Oh and if anybody got an impression that I am a racist, I am asian. Does that somehow make it better?Why many American movies just include White actors as if Whites just lived in a white world?
its racism..

too bad it exists everywhere
You know what? The other foreign countries are not dumb. We obviously know what Ethnic groups make up the American population. Why be so sensitive about it. Just watch the dang movie! If you're not happy, make one yourself. By the way, did I tell you I hv acted on stage before....
Your so right and yes I have noticed it. I'm always thinking where is everybody else? I always wonder how this effects little children who are not white? It has to be damaging at some level to their psych, it would kind of feel like being ostracized..you know? Like wow, am I the only one like me.

Good point.
because the vast majority of Americans happen to be white,especially in the 'blue states' such as Massachusetts %26amp; New York,outside of the city with the same name,where more Americans still live than anywhere else. So Hollywood naturally is going to make those movies catering to those people with the most money in the most areas,namely white folks who live up in the Northeast %26amp; upper Mid-Western states.
That's not true that movies only have white people. There are tons of movies with other races... Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Beyonce, Bernie Mac, Queen Latifa, Whoppi Goldberg, Cuba Gooding Jr., Lucy Lui, Don Chedle, Morgan Freedmon, Jackie Chan, Chris Rock, and these are just people off the top of my head.

Obviously their are more white people in movies because there are more white actors, because the U.S. is mostly white people. It's just a matter of proportions. You're likely to see more white people in most professions, not just acting, because we have a higher population of white people overall.

On the contrary, I think Hollywood sometimes makes TOO much of a point to appeal to minorities... take the movie Guess Who, where Ashton Kutcher plays a white guy who is ostrocized by his girlfriend's family because they are all black and he is white. It's funny and all, but if you really think about it, you could NEVER switch the races.. if hollywood made a movie about a black guy being rejected by a white family, people would cry "racist"... but when its a white person being singled out, it's okay. Seems unfair to me.
i agree its racism, whites have always dominated the film industry.
White people make up most of America.
Yeah, well they have ALL BLACK SHOWS/MOVIES, that have NO whites, not even a token one. So what is your point?
to errica!...i disagree...guess who was a reverse remake of guess whos coming to dinner with sydney potier and katherine hepburn a movie about a white woman who brings her black boyfriend home for dinner unbeknownst to her parents and this movie was done in 1967 it was widely controversial but accepted as well

EDIT!!!!: ok I have to disagree with you again Errrica! people were on an entirely different plane of racism in 1967 then now think about it the 1960s were the HEIGHT of the civil rights movements...blacks were still getting sprayed by firehoses and attacked by dogs/lynched etc...there were race riots and not to mention Martin Luther king wasnt even assianated until 1968!! so dont say race was less of an issue then because thats entirely wrong...youve got it backwards

Edit 2: ok i see what youre getting at...i do agree with mellowg a lot of black movies etc dont have other races in them at all (i tend not to watch those) but at the same time tv shows like "Friends" for example was a bit ridiculous...like there were only whites 24/7 and there were only like 2 blacks on the show ever were there even other races on there???...i mean...really..in NYC?? yeah right get real...
Because the best of the best, always rises to the top regardless of color.
What movies are you talking about....from the 1940s??

"Guess Who"


was a remake of

"Guess who's comng to dinner"


Yes, I know the first was a drama, while the second was a comedy...still Berine Mac's dislike of his daughters choice [because of his color] was seen in a much lighter way than Spencer Tracy's in the original version.
great observation, I have thought about it too, and its funny that if you watch a show like TYler Perrys weekly show, most of the advertising is done with black actors, why?
to add to your question...how come when there is a native american indian character (like in Twilight) they go out of their way to cast a white actor and then dig to fins some native blood so they can claim it.

there are plenty of very talented native actors but hollywood refuses to cast us as anything but relics of the past. no 21st century native people in hollywood and certainly not giving a star role to one. for the next movie in the series they are looking for Filipino and asian actors to play natives. wtf?! ethnic cleansing on the silver screen too?
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  • English accents in American movies?

    In most American movies, especially "historical" movies, an English accent always seems to be used when the audience can't understand a foreign language and English is used instead. For instance, everyone in the movie Troy speaks with English accents, even though many of them are American actors and England didn't exist at that time. Why don't they speak in Greek accents? Do all these movie producers figure nobody will be able to tell the difference? Or do we Americans just associate an English accent with foreign languaged? This happens in a lot of movies, so I was just curious.English accents in American movies?Well, to answer that last question first... Remember something in 1776 called the Revolutionary War? Just about all villains in movies have English accents. For example, in The Hunt for Red October, the Russians have English accents and are played by English actors. Interestingly, Sean Connery starts speaking in Russian, the camera goes out of focus and then everyone else has an English accent.

    If you go back through the history of movies, there are a LOT of movies where the villains are using English accents when everyone else has an American accent. I think it is something that Hollywood adopted years ago and has continued to use throughout most of their films. It stems back to the time when the English were our enemies. Also, English is much easier to understand than almost any other language, too. At least for American audiences.

    When I was in Russia in 2007, this person who I visited had a copy of The Hunt for Red October on DVD. The Russians speak Russian and the Americans also speak Russian, but with a lisp!English accents in American movies?Probably because an English "accent"would be easier to understand than English with a thick Greek accent. I kind of admire peopel that can imitate an english accent without looking ridiculous. I had to do it occasionally (for Shakespeare), and it made me more uncomfortable than alot of the others things I did on stage%26gt; Probably because I'd never met a native English person before that time. I don't know why everyonemakes such a big deal about him, course he was very prolfic in his writing. But ther are other 13 -14 cent poets who were amazing as wellEnglish accents in American movies?Well if it were true to the times, they wouldn't be speaking with Greek accents... they would be speaking Greek. And since sub-titles are out of the question they gave them English accents probably because Greek accents would sound silly and American accents in ancient Greece would be ridiculous.English accents in American movies?
    Yeah, they think the every foreign accent is English.

    Are American movies with families and friends being so close actually real?

    I was just curious to find out if American movies are accurate when they show families and friends being so close, for example at christmas the americans go all out for it and is family really as important as portrayed in the movies.

    Also is it right that when someone new moves into a neighborhood that the next door neighbour will bake cookies or a pie for them to welcome them to the street?

    I was just wondering, as this really seems lovely in the movies but as we all know movies can be misleading. I would love to go to America someday, as I have always been fascinated with the country, I am just so unsure what to expect of people.

    Thanks in advance.Are American movies with families and friends being so close actually real?It depends where you live. In larger cities people don't really know their neighbors and they live in smaller nuclear families.

    I've noticed the midwest tends to be more rural and they have larger families they tend to be this way towards family and neighbors. However, everybody loving each other all the time is a myth. There's a lot of drama with large families and small towns where everyone knows each other.Are American movies with families and friends being so close actually real?NO ITS ALL A LIE NO FAMILYS ARE THAT CLOSE OR HAPPY IT ONE BIG FAT LIE DONT BELIEVE IT THEY JUST WANT PEOEPLS MOEY SO THEY MAKE ALL THE PERFECT FAMILY MOVIES ITS NOT TRUE DONT BELIEVE ANY OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!Are American movies with families and friends being so close actually real?my family and i are close. i cant say for everyone else. its a very extended family too, (for example my grandma's cousin and i are close, and yes this it true)

    American movies in England?

    Hey guyz.

    Im in US, and i watch hollywood movies alot, but sometimes i make a plan to watch a brit movie like Death.At.A.Funeral and Eastern.Promises also others too..

    I just wanna noe that howcome sometimes its little hard for me to understand these movies, like sometimes i have to listen very carefully, i mean not often but rarely.

    Is it cuz of brit accent or?

    And im sure u brit guyz also watch american movies,

    do u guyz have trouble sometimes watching it or u feel like watching a brit movie???American movies in England?maybe its CUZ they don't talk like us American folksAmerican movies in England?Us brits use alotta slang innit..American movies in England?So you want a translation from English to English????American movies in England?
    You probably have difficulty in following the script if the actor is using quolocial terminology. eg: rhyming slang from London or a strong Northern accent [which even I find hard to follow at times!]

    As for the American films/movies, I have no trouble at all in understanding the actors/actresses.